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Do you need a special care but want to retain your own independence at the same time? If your answer was “YES”, then this post is perfect for you. Summerfield Retirement and Assisted Living Community aims to provide adequate care for all residents but also enables them to have their own independence.


We understand how difficult it is to leave the home you have spent many great years with your family. However, you should know that joining a community like this gives you the opportunity to spend your days socializing with people of the same age. In our community, all residents spend quality time together, make great friendships, and they are bonded like a true family.


Among all communities for assisted living Utah County Summer definitely stands out. Our highly skilled staff offers great care and assistance while also allowing you to pursue your passions that make you happy. Another benefit of joining Summerfield is the fact that we spend some time with you and your family in order to create a plan that will match all your needs.


Services and amenities provided by this assisted living Utah County community are:

  • Customized care plans
  • All utilities included
  • Private batch and kitchenette
  • Built-in storage
  • Housekeeping and transportation
  • Built-in storage, maintenance
  • 24-hour call light assistance
  • Beauty and barbershop on-site
  • Educating, cultural, and entertainment activities.


Besides our assisted living community, there is also an independent living community which comes with full kitchen, storage, washer and dryer, housekeeping, garden boxes, 24-hour emergency and many other services and amenities.


Summerfield community always strives to arrange different activities where all residents can entertain themselves. Our community is located at a marvelous location which means you will have a breathtaking view regardless of where your apartment is.


This is a place where you will love spending time with your new friends and where you will be able to get assistance you need while still being as independent as you can.


In order to find out more about Summerfield and its assistant and independent living communities, feel free to contact us and we will provide a detailed reply in timely manner.